Tools Thread milling cutter

We have in stock milling cutters in metric 0.8 - 1 - 1.25 - 1.5 - 2 and GAS 13F" 14F" 19F" 22F" 28F" cylindrical and conical steps. The thread milling cutter tool is subject to high stresses due to the considerable speeds reached during machining; in order to withstand these stresses, the production of these thread milling cutters must necessarily be particularly accurate. Our thread milling cutters are made entirely of HSS-E (Super rapid Cobalt steel), then they are first subjected to heat treatment and then to grinding, in order to ensure perfect execution of the cutting edges, the cutting angle and the profile of the thread. Ideal for working brass, they can also be made for other types of materials such as copper or high-speed lead steel. We are able to supply the customer also with special drawings thread milling cutters made.