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Hainbuch type collets

The Hainbuch type collets, which allow to optimize and decrease the machine set-up time, require the original lathe spindles to be exchanged with Hainbuch-type spindles and are an alternative solution to the use of the classic collets. These collets can be used on multi-spindle lathes but also on single-spindle lathes are perfectly compatible with Hainbuch type spindles. Hainbuch-type collets, made of metal parts heat-welded to each other with vulcanized rubber inserts, allow a perfect closure on the worked piece thanks to their remarkable elasticity. The use of manual tools or pneumatic tools allows a quick change of the collets. Our product range includes both Hainbuch-type collets for single-spindle lathes and Hainbuch-type collets for multi-spindle lathes which consists in Hainbuch-type collets for main spindle, Hainbuch-type feed fingers (consisting of external bodies and inserts), and Hainbuch-type pick-up collets.

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SK32BZI 58.8 47.0
SK32BZIG 58.8 47.0
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SK42BZIG 79.3 47.0
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SK52BZIG 79.2 46.0
SK65BZI 99.65 58.0
SK65BZIG 99.65 58.0
SK80BZI 114.5 53.0
SK80BZIG 114.5 53.0
SK100BZI 144.5 59.0
SK100BZIG 144.5 59.0